Volunteer programs are great opportunities for volunteers to provide assistance and worth to those in your community. Strong volunteer teams not only provide opportunities for individuals to share their time, experience and energy, they provide vital but cost effective services to the community.

Having built and led large scale volunteer teams across Australia and New Zealand, our team has experience in recruiting, developing, training and leading volunteers. We have successfully recruited volunteers across the not-for-profit sector, church ministry and the service industry. We’ve led and developed volunteer programs that have led to organisational change, inspiring a healthy and pro-active culture.

Whether you need to attract volunteers that are aligned to your vision and mission, develop a training program, or drive cultural change amongst your volunteers, our team can support you. Our services include:

  • Volunteer Recruitment Solutions
  • Volunteer Team Health Check
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Culture Development
  • Vision, Creation and Communication
  • Strategic Planning